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Art Addicts - Merchandise Benefiting Those Struggling with Addiction

Custom clothing and merchandise created or inspired by artists struggling with addiction. Most artists are self-employed or work the types of jobs that don't offer insurance. I don't know what it is about art brains but they are very passionate and most struggle with demons. I have had many friends die from overdose and I feel like if the subject wasn't so frowned upon we could openly discuss it and help those in need. 

All profit for items sold in this collection will be donated to artists in need of help. Checks will be made out to detox and rehab centers as they are deemed necessary. Artists supported are chosen after a review of their individual situation and their necessities are assessed. 

My goal with this collection of items is to bring awareness to the sweeping epidemic of addiction and depression in the world. My hope is to inspire people to seek help, to inspire others to help, and to figure out the cause of all this emptiness that we so desperately need to fill. 

Artists in need of help, please send me an email and let me know your story and how I might help. Artists who want to donate work to be used for printing can contact us on any of our social media accounts. I am in the process of making those so I will update this with those links when I have them.

Thank you for your time in checking out this collection of work.

Please enjoy.



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